Monday, 9 April 2012

words of wisdom

So, probably spent the last 5 years of my life dieting on and off, and about the last year getting more into the ana/mia side of it. So i thought I had quite good groundings to share with you my best tips I picked up along the way, I really hope this helps at least someone and gives you a few ideas to become the skinnier you.

1.Drink two glasses of water before you eat.
This helps sooo much, makes you feel so full and a bit sick so you don't eat much at dinner, by the time you actually get hungry again when your body realizes you gave it liquid instead of food the moment will be gone and you'll have to wait to the next meal. Also some times when your body tells you its hungry its actually just thirsty so this can help you differentiate between the two

2.If you are hungry between meals have about 5/10 nuts.
These fill you up so well and will suppress your appetite for a long while and are low in calories.

3.If you feel like a binge, then binge on something healthy.
For example go and buy a few packets of strawberry's, it still feels abit naughty but won't affect your weight loss journey too much. Or have an omelette that will satisfy your cravings yet is not too fatty and calorific.

4.For the first week, dont give up.
After a week or two of eating small portions your body becomes used to it and your stomach becomes smaller. This means if you ever did binge after this period you wont eat as much as you will feel fuller quicker.

5.Always make a plan for the day
If you fail to plan you plan to fail! At the beginning of the day think exactly what you will eat and because there is so no deciding when it comes to meal times you will be less tempted to eat something bad as you wont even consider the possibility. Go straight to the kitchen, make what you planned and leave again after.

Let me know if you think these are useful! And please comment any more tips you have that could help me! Good luck everyone!

easter bunny

So today went quite well I think! Managed to stick to my goal of 400 calories for the day, if you were wondering what i ate...

Toast with a fried egg
Salad and tomatoes with a vinaigrette dressing

Surprisingly I didn't get too hungry, and as my body gets used to the small amount of food, maybe I wont feel hungry soon?

No, im not that optimistic either.

Obviously as it was Easter this weekend I received a lot of chocolate, but am slowly disposing of it. Don't worry, not disposing of it in my mouth and into my belly! I have already given away a massive lindt chocolate bunny to my brothers friend, and am slowing crushing bits up and putting them in the bin so its not too obvious. If that isn't willpower I don't know what is!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

insert title here

Yeah, yeah, yeah, not very original I know, but it does get results! Let me know if anyone wants to join me!
I prefer this diet to the ABC one as its a bit more forgiving! No way could i fast every week, so i feel this is more realistic and achievable, but feel free to disagree! Hoping I manage to stick to it, perfect summer body here I come!